Here are some FAQs that you may have. If you have any questions that are not shown please contact us at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you.
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    What time does my race start?
    We are still confirming start times and wave start times but please see our estimated times below: Bedford Half Marathon 9.00am Bedford MINI MILES 12.30pm
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    Q. Where will my race start?
    The Bedford Half Marathon & Mini Miles all start on the Willington Path adjacent the Priory Lake in Priory Country Park. See location page in Runners Info for more details.
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    Where does my race finish?
    Both the Bedford Half Marathon and Mini Miles finish inside Priory Park.
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    Can I see a course map?
    The course map is being finalised and will be updated on the Info page shortly.
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    What time does my race wave start?
    Wave 1 - 9.00am Wave 2 - 9.05am Wave 3 - 9.10am Wave 4 - 9.15am Wave 5 - 9.20am
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    Can I change waves?
    Yes, we have created waves based on your estimated finish time. This will reduce the congestion on the course and mean you are running with people of similar pace as you. If you wish to run with someone else you can do so.
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    Can I get a refund or defer my place to the following year?
    After 14 days of purchasing your entry you are unable to get a refund. We do not allow race transfers or deferrals. We have a strict policy for this and apologise if this means you can no longer run.
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    Can I enter the race and still raise money for a charity?
    Yes, you can run for any cause of your choice. Please see our Charity Page for more information.
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    When will numbers be sent out?
    If you have opted to have your race pack posted to you - Race Packs and will be sent out 2 weeks before your race. We are using volunteer staff so please be patient. If you have not received your number by Thursday before the race, please contact us.
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    What if I change my address?
    You can change your contact details including your address on your Active account where you registered.
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    What If I miss the Change of Address Deadline?
    If you forget to update your address by the deadline we can not stop your race pack being delivered to the address you provided when you registered. Please have your post re-directed to your new address
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    Where can I leave my bags/ clothes?
    Our friendly baggage team will be waiting for you in Priory Park to collect your baggage. They will safely store them so that you can collect them after your run. Please provide your own bags.
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    Are there drink stations?
    Absolutely, the half marathon will have 4 drink stations 2.5, 5.5, 9, 11.5 and of course the finish
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    Is the race chip timed?
    Yes, of course! The Bedford Half Marathon is bib chip timed so no messing with tying a chip to your shoe!
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    Where do I place my chip?
    Timing chips are attached to the back of your race number. Please do not remove. No chip, no time. Timing chips are deposable so there is no need to return them
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    What happens if I cannot run on race day?
    Please email us at and let us know you're not coming. We will then cancel you place.
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    Can I give my number to a friend to run?
    Sorry, this goes against our health and safety regulations and breaks our public liability insurance agreement. We are responsible for our registered runners only and require accurate emergency information.
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    Is there a time limit?
    Our time limit is 5hrs. We hope that everyone can finish the race in this time
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    Can I run with my dog/ pram?
    Sadly no. This is due to the restricted size of paths.
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    Is this race traffic free?
    Yes. All of the course is run on multi terrain cycle paths so there will be no live traffic during your run. Please be aware of other park/ path users as the course will be open to the public as normal.
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    Can I run with headphones?
    Unfortunately, no. We hold this race under British Athletics/ Runbritain road race rules and regulations and they forbid the use of headphones. Sorry, we know it is not fun but your safety means more to us. For more information please see Runbritain website.
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    What is the terrain like?
    Mixed surfaces: mostly on road/ cycle paths, gravel and grass. This race is not a road race and runners are to expect uneven paths.

If you have more questions please contact us here or on social media